Main Characters

Elle (pronounced with the second E as well – “Ell-E”) is a ten year old girl who is very interested in science and nature. She’s studious and concerned about her grades. When she grows up, she wants to be a paleontologist. Elle is very curious and adventurous, sometimes to the point of not thinking things through.

Gershwin – is a ten year old boy who lives next door to Elle and is in her class. Gershwin is shy and athletic. He doesn’t like to take risks and be in danger. But he feels protective of Elle and also responsible for accidentally sending them both on their adventures.

Minor Characters

Eephus – a very minor, not-at-all-that-evil devil who shows up from time to time to “help” Elle and Gershwin. Eephus is the devil in charge of ‘instant gratification and wish fulfillment’ meaning that he gives people what they want. It is not surprising that the road to misdeeds frequently begins with getting something for nothing.